Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lose-lose situation?

I won't write out any mukadimah, we'll straight to the point here. So here we go. (I think this is part of mukadimah already *insert annoying face*) 

Have you ever feel like someone is giving up on you, which is saddening, but it is a good thing actually? I mean she's giving up on you, of course it hurts your pride because acknowledging the fact that she's no longer be attentive towards you. But you're feeling less burden at the same time. To the fact that she's not gonna hurt because of you anymore. The feeling of no more being guilty. 

There's one story of a guy..

Once, he was so normal, like any other guy. Who wakes up in the morning, went to school-college-work, like a normal person. Then he met this girl, fell in love, and be together. Like an usual normal guy, he was so happy. It was too perfect until he believes that she's the one so he's giving the whole heart into it. When he was at the top of happiness, she brings him down.. Pulling out all the happiness he had. Like 2years of happiness gone in seconds. No one would've imagined that. He was broken hearted, for awhile. Then he got up, learnt something. He was kinda traumatised, terrified, and scared.. To believe in love again (sorry that was cheesy). So he started to focus on things he supposed to from the beginning; family, friends, education-career, future (marriage) stuff like that. 

Love will come, he thought, and it wouldn't be gone, it'll stay.. Someday. 

He started to believe in that. Because he once believed that he should go for it, fight for it and be passionate about it.. In the end, he was hurting himself. He sees no point for putting love into a commitment, not until marriage. He realised back then, when he tried to hold a person, putting labels on it (in a relationship), things either can get any better or any worse. And for him, things got any worse; she gets bored in relationship, someone steals his girl, she cheats. He only thought about happy ending but didn't see the bigger picture. He learnt that love is not something for him to hold, because it might be slipped away. He moved on and never hold to anything like that anymore. He keeps pushing away people, not to answer that he doesn't love that person, but because he does. 

Isn't it ironic? You don't want but you want. You want but you don't want. How on earth a situation can be this difficult. 

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