Friday, 31 August 2012

Mind your own business la.


I supposed to blog this kind of thing in my another blog which is Amarah (well, by looking at its content, I think it should) But in anyways I want this thing to be revealed publicly as if they'd read this crap and know what I'm intending to tell. It's a big deal for me.

I haven't post anything bad about me neither my family matters (if there's one or two, it was just unintentionally) I hardly believe on phrase of pekung didada jangan dibuka. All of anyone who's behind me that would be particularly my family, I will never badmouth anything about them. Unless it's something light macam annoying ke, kedekut ke, attitude yang tak disenangi ya know.. But there's nothing yang memburukkan or menjatuhkan air muka to be told to others about my family. They are part of me, why on earth I should be telling bad things about them. That does make sense enough, bro.

It comes to the turning point when people nearby badmouth about my family -- my dad, my mom and even my sister and brother. Well, it hurts a lot. So rather than hearing all the people's badmouths, I preferred to intentionally tell everyone what's going on with my family. So deal with me.

My father should have his pencen next year which when he's aged 55 on 2013 but he took VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme) due to business slowdown of the company he worked for; Toshiba Electronic. It happened 2 years ago. Just when he got jobless, he settled down all the debts of credit cards, loans of house and car, etc. Through all of it, my family have been on economic decline so we all live in a very critically modest way. At first, my dad sold his car (basically it's family car since we got only one car), then mom sold her scooter and my parents even have their planning to sell the house. Fortunately, the house wouldn't be sold since abah is trying very hard to save that house. Well, it's been somewhat like 15 years already since we lived in it. Too much of memories in the house. My youngest sister was fully grown up in that house. Currently, my dad works as a security guard at Reneases (or whatever it names) to stabilize back our family economy. Yes, from a store manager to a security guard. Is there any big problem with that? And yes, we live without car and even a motorcycle.

I know it looks awfully pathetic. From what people can see, the family that used to be fine -- so fine that we all bore to get into a high class restaurant, go for a sweet vacation and shopped all the way at any shopping malls, now changed into a family that needs to work on every bits to live and survive. People around would say anything, good and bad things at the same time. But who you are to label anything you wanted towards my family? My family can endure all the dugaans, my parents have their own planning, sooner or later we'll be all right. Indeed there are times we were stressed out but you as the society shouldn't burden us. I never asked any of you for help so tak payah lah nak mengata mengutuk pulak kan.

Imagine you and your family are in our shoes, what you'd feel when the society badmouthing your family. It sucks weyyy tolongla faham. Aku dah la belajar jauh dari family, belajar pulak tak habis lagi. Diri sendiri pun tak tertanggung. How I wish I have my own job dalam keadaan macam ni. Then what do you expect, people. Rezeki masing-masing Tuhan dah tentukan, your life has its upside down kan? Kalau dah kena kat batang hidung sendiri, hah serve your right.


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